What is Female Sterilization?

It is an operation done under general or local anesthesia in which a surgeon ties the fallopian tubes either with a fallopian ring or clip. This procedure prevents the sperm (male egg) from meeting the ovum (female egg) in the fallopian tube which may lead to fertilization and a pregnancy

What is Male Sterilization?

Male sterilization also known as vasectomy is a simple procedure in which a doctor cuts and ties the vas deferens tubes which carry the sperm (male eggs) produced by the testicles in the scrotum.

Family Planning

Family, or fertility, planning is about the individual’s or couple’s decision as to when to have, and when not to have, any more children.

Contraception is an important part of fertility planning, as it is used to prevent pregnancies. There is a range of contraceptive methods available in South Africa.

The most important is sterilization.